Free viewer for RCSB Protein Data Bank* files

For Windows 7+



What is ProteinScope?

  • A single, integrated application for your desktop

  • Hand optimized 3D for complex molecules

  • Acts as a PDB viewer plug-in for web browsing

  • Use arrow keys to rotate molecule

Create animations and slides of proteins for

  • PowerPoint presentations of research and lectures

  • Enhance grant proposals

  • Include protein graphics on web sites

  • Press F5 to create a slide

Highlight sequence motifs

  • Use single letter amino acid sequences

  • View with ball & stick, space fill or backbone

  • Zoom into binding sites

  • Create slides and animations from any angle

ProteinScope motif highlight feature tutorial

*Citations: H.M. Berman, J. Westbrook, Z. Feng, G. Gilliland, T.N. Bhat, H. Weissig, I.N. Shindyalov, P.E. Bourne: The Protein Data Bank. Nucleic Acids Research, 28 pp. 235-242 (2000). All trademarks used here property of their respective owners.

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